What You Need To Study at UA Grantham

To enjoy an optimal online learning experience at University of Arkansas Grantham, the student’s computer must meet the following minimum requirements.

System Requirements
Windows 8 (or higher) or Mac OS 10.12 (or higher), with sufficient rights on the device to install software
Adobe Acrobat Reader (2015 or higher)
Oracle JRE (Java) 7 or 8
Supported Browsers
Chrome 56 (or higher), with the ability to enable pop ups
Firefox 50 (or higher), with the ability to enable pop ups
Edge 30 (or higher), with the ability to enable pop ups
Safari 11 (or higher), with the ability to enable pop ups
Internet Connection Speed
Broadband recommended
1Mbps or faster

Special Technical Considerations

  • Electronic Books (E-Books): Many UA Grantham courses utilize e-books in addition to printed materials. Accessing an e-book provided with a course can be accomplished on multiple devices that include iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and web browser. If your e-book is being supplied by an outside vendor, specific device and version compatibility information can be found on the company website.
  • Proctored Exams: UA Grantham utilizes a third-party product for performing proctored exams, for which there are specific requirements that ensure the process is successful. In addition to necessary computer software, a webcam will be required for proctored exams.
  • Apple Computers: Macs are capable of navigating UA Grantham’s web-based interface; however UA Grantham cannot ensure full functionality.
    The student is ultimately responsible for remedying any incompatibilities between the Mac platform and the UA Grantham online learning environment. Several courses require the installation of third-party software. This software may or may not be compatible with Macs. It is the student’s responsibility to run the software on a compatible platform.
  • Microsoft Software: Many UA Grantham courses will require the use of additional Microsoft software. This software will require the ability to extract and install from downloaded ISO files. Each version of Microsoft Windows will handle this in different ways. The most common form is to burn the ISO to a CD/DVD ROM and then run the installation program or to utilize a "virtual drive" software that will allow an ISO file to appear as an additional drive.
  • Engineering Technology Students: Courses in the engineering technology programs require a Windows based machine in order to run the software and access external hardware. In some elective courses, a CD/DVD ROM is required to install software.
  • Links to third-party software vendor support information: The following links are provided to assist the student with the Blackboard environment:

This list is subject to change and does not ensure your ability to access the Internet. See your ISP and system manufacturer for more details and specifics.
Applicants/students must have ready access to a computer meeting the standards outlined in this section, must be able to download and install software and must have reliable high-speed internet. Failure to meet and maintain these standards may result in either denied admission or removal from courses.