Earn Your Graduate-Level Human Resources Certificate

Most Affordable Online Human Resources Degrees by EdurefThe Human Resources (Graduate) program focuses on the analysis of human resource management theories and development. The courses comprised will involve active engagement of management of human resource professionals toward strategic organizational goals and policy. The Human Resources (Graduate) certificate program builds from the undergraduate certificate and the BBA in Human Resources, moving from a technical and operational focus to a strategic and policy focus that requires in-depth general management and HR management practice knowledge. Upon completion of this program, graduates may enter management level positions in human resource management or labor relations. Graduates may also continue their education and transfer courses from the certificate program to master’s degree programs.

The completion of a bachelor’s degree is required for admission to this certificate program.

Students enrolled in this graduate certificate program are required to follow courses in the sequence set out for the program.

What will I learn in this human resource certificate online program?

This program provides an in-depth knowledge of general management and HR management practices.

How long is this online Human Resources (graduate) certificate program?

At 18 credit hours, the online Human Resources (Graduate) Certificate program is designed to be completed in 12 months.

How much will this online Human Resources (graduate) certificate program cost?

The graduate rate is $350 per credit hour – lower if you’re a member of the military, a veteran or part of a military family. Scholarships are also available for those who qualify.

When can I start?

Courses begin on a monthly basis, so we’re ready when you are.

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Human Resources (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

Human Resources (Graduate) Certificate Program Outcomes

After successfully completing University of Arkansas Grantham’s human resource (graduate) certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Analyze an approach for human resource management and diagram human resource planning
  • Implement strategic organizational change for increased quality, productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Compare and contrast compensation system(s) toward employee motivation
  • Identify principles for developing, using and conserving human resources
  • Illustrate the strategic role of the human resource manager in performing functions of recruitment, hiring, training and career development in an organization

University of Arkansas Grantham prepares students to succeed in a variety of professional and civic settings by incorporating these critical life skills into the Human Resources Graduate Certificate Program curriculum:

  • Communication – Formulating and expressing thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal communication skills in person, in writing and in a digital world.
  • Distributed Collaboration – Working effectively across distributed locations and asynchronously to achieve a common goal through relationship-building, shared responsibility, empathy and respect.
  • Professional and Social Responsibilities – Engaging in social responsibility through seeking justice, valuing diversity, respecting the environment; demonstrating professionalism through integrity, mutual accountability and ethical behavior. This includes considering the social and global impact of individual and organizational decisions and an awareness of and adherence to regulations, professional standards and industry best practices.
  • Critical thinking/problem solving – Using analytical reasoning when gathering and evaluating relevant information to effectively formulate possible solutions for an issue, problem or a variety of issues. This includes the ability to recognize potential consequences of a decision.
  • Data Aptitude - Developing information literacy and the capacity to manage data with subsequent finding, structuring, evaluating and interpreting in order to provide meaningful analysis to accomplish a specific purpose.

Human Resources (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

University of Arkansas Grantham’s 100% online, professionally-relevant coursework is designed to help you prepare for your next challenges.

Program Core Credits: 18
Total Credit Hours: 18
Accreditation(s): DEAC
Program Core: 18
Course: Title: Credits:
Course: HRM661 Title: Human Resource Strategies Credits: 3
  This course examines HR's evolving role as an important element of strategic management and as a source of competitive advantage. Course topics include diversity and effective management, change and performance management, teams and team effectiveness, and the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals, managers and employees.
Course: MGT517 Title: Organizational Behavior Credits: 3
  This advanced course examines how human behavior in organizations plays a crucial role in achieving organizational effectiveness, while simultaneously promoting positive human outcomes. This course is designed to introduce students to key theories and concepts, as well as practical applications related to the field of Organizational Behavior. While the course will focus on such pertinent issues as the behavioral science theories, and associated concepts, the course will emphasize such areas of concentration as, but will not limited to: personality, values, diversity, communication, leadership, attitudes, conflict management, motivation, group/team dynamics, and organizational culture. This course affords students both a firm theoretical background and foundation upon which to build, but likewise instructs and builds the practical skills necessary to understand and manage organizational behavior within a variety of milieus.
Course: ETH560 Title: Business Ethics Credits: 3
  This course examines ethics and values in multiple contexts. It begins with an exploration of individual values and the integration of mind, body and soul. The perspective then broadens to include corporate ethics and the role of moral leadership in business. The course concludes with an examination of ethical dilemmas created by an expanding global economy.
Course: HRM662 Title: Labor Relations and Management Credits: 3
  This course introduces students to the traditional approach to studying U.S. labor relations in an uncritical exploration of how the existing labor processes work, how unions are organized, how contracts are negotiated and how grievances are resolved. Labor relations processes and work rules are simply a means to more fundamental ends or objectives. Further, students examine the goals or objectives of work rules to discover what motivates contemporary U.S. labor relations processes and evaluates whether these processes remain effective in the 21st Century. To achieve these goals, this course will analyze the existing processes such as organizing, bargaining and contract administration, as well as the major pressures on these processes: employee involvement, workplace flexibility and globalization.
Course: MGT551 Title: Business Performance Management Credits: 3
  This course translates business performance management topics related to organizational development and performance management in a business intelligence context. This course focuses on how to drive business strategy throughout the organization through performance objectives, organization structures and management processes, as well as how to deal with managing the performance of teams and individuals toward the achievement of performance objectives.
Course: HRM699 Title: Capstone Performance Project Credits: 3
  This course synthesizes and articulates comprehensive problem-solving abilities as performance improvement experts. Students customize a project, execute it and write the results in a final project.