Project Management (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

Through a combination of business, management and operational courses, the Project Management (Graduate) Certificate program is designed to help students streamline their project management approach. The program provides students who are experienced managers with a comprehensive project management skillset that will increase their visibility and value within their organization.

A completed bachelor’s degree is required for admission to this certificate program. Students enrolled in this graduate certificate program are required to take courses in a pre-determined sequence.

Grantham has been reviewed and approved as a Registered Educational Provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The skills you learn in this graduate project management program will help prepare you for Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, the gold standard for project management professionals around the world.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn how to manage a project from idea to completion—all while ensuring cross-departmental communications, hitting checkpoints and overcoming roadblocks. There are five courses in the curriculum along with a capstone project that culminates the certificate, showcasing what the student has learned throughout the program.

Classes required in the Project Management (Graduate) Certificate program include:

Project Management Essentials

This course explores the global standards of project management as presented by PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge guide. According to the guide, there are five process groups that project managers must follow to be successful: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. You’ll learn how to use these processes to efficiently lead projects while effectively managing time, costs and quality.

Information Technology Project Management

Learn how to manage massive IT projects while maintaining a steady timeframe and staying within a company’s budget. Become a strong technical lead by defining specific aspects of the project and determining if all the processes are scheduled properly. You’ll also discover valuable techniques to limit problems throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Organization Framework and Risk

This course provides a more in-depth look into project processes, evaluating company risk and time management. You’ll explore how to establish baselines and goals, recognize variables and make recommendations to improve processes. Students will use real-life examples and study various project management theories to learn how to properly design a project timeline.

Integration Framework

This course provides the fundamental knowledge needed for interaction and communication throughout a project lifecycle. You’ll learn how to create a project framework that is compatible with a specific organization—and discover the tools and techniques used to measure the project’s success. Responsibilities in this area include importing, exporting and manipulating data to suit company needs and requirements.

Quantitative Analysis

Learn how to analyze past, current and future events within a project using quantitative tools like statistical modeling and measurement. For example, students will learn how to predict and evaluate profit margins and return on assets. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to use an array of powerful analytic tools to make sound managerial business decisions.

How long is this program?

At 18 credit hours, the online Project Management (Graduate) Certificate program is designed to be completed in 12 months.

How much will it cost?

The graduate rate is $350 per credit hour – lower if you’re a member of the military, a veteran or part of a military family. Grantham also offers scholarships for those who qualify.

When can I start?

Courses begin monthly, so we’re ready when you are.

Call us at (888) 947-2684 to learn more about our accredited degree programs, financial assistance opportunities or enrollment process.

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Project Management (Graduate)

Project Management Outcomes

After successfully completing your graduate-level online project management training coursework, you will be able to:

  • Effectively manage multiple, interrelated, complex project components, including scheduling development and analysis, and specific quantitative techniques developed for analyzing projects
  • Implement enterprise-level project portfolio management (PPM) that aligns with the organization’s strategic plans and goals
  • Construct and distinguish the aspects of project management development, including people-based project management
  • Avoid common project management pitfalls through effective forecasting of time, resource and budgeting requirements for a project to coordinate the work within a project team and meet project objectives
  • Explain the Ten PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas

Core Professional Competencies

University of Arkansas Grantham prepares graduates to succeed in a variety of professional and civic settings by incorporating these critical life skills into the curriculum:

  • Communication – Formulating and expressing thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and non-verbal communication skills in person, in writing and in a digital world.
  • Distributed Collaboration – Working effectively across distributed locations and asynchronously to achieve a common goal through relationship-building, shared responsibility, empathy and respect.
  • Professional and Social Responsibilities – Engaging in social responsibility through seeking justice, valuing diversity, respecting the environment; demonstrating professionalism through integrity, mutual accountability and ethical behavior. This includes considering the social and global impact of individual and organizational decisions and an awareness of and adherence to regulations, professional standards and industry best practices.
  • Critical thinking/problem solving – Using analytical reasoning when gathering and evaluating relevant information to effectively formulate possible solutions for an issue, problem or a variety of issues. This includes the ability to recognize potential consequences of a decision.
  • Data Aptitude - Developing information literacy and the capacity to manage data with subsequent finding, structuring, evaluating and interpreting in order to provide meaningful analysis to accomplish a specific purpose.

PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute.

Project Management (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

University of Arkansas Grantham’s 100% online and professionally relevant coursework is designed to help you prepare for your next challenges.

Program Core Credits: 18
Total Credit Hours: 18
Accreditation(s): DEAC
Program Core: 18
Course: Title: Credits:
Course: PRJ515 Title: Project Management Essentials Credits: 3
  This course introduces the concepts, theories, and processes in modern project management and the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). The course emphasizes both theory and application of the topics covered. The course will cover concepts related to each phase of the project cycle. Students will learn about organizational structures, project selection methods, project planning, project execution, resource allocation, budgeting, and managing projects both in a domestic and international setting. The course introduces Microsoft Project to provide hands-on practical experience of the course topics.
Course: IS649 Title: Information Technology Project Management Credits: 3
  In today's fast-paced and dynamic environment, innovative information technology and system development projects are critical to many companies' success. The emphasis on such projects creates greater demand from senior management to deliver quality information technology projects on time, within budget, and which add functionality and value to their customers and clients. IT Project Management will teach the project manager how to integrate sound project management principles in the information technology project's development profile in order to assure every aspect of the project is under control and delivers the technical objectives. This course will also cover the IT project's life cycle from initiation through closeout and address all the components of project management as they relate to IT projects, based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) as defined by the Project Management Institute. PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute.
Course: PRJ636 Title: Project Management Organization Framework and Risk Credits: 3
  This course furthers the fundamental concepts of scope time management and human resource planning and project communications as presented in the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Emphasizing both theory and practical application students are provided with an opportunity to apply these concepts using real-life exercises examples and software tools. PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute.
Course: PRJ656 Title: Project Management Integration Framework Credits: 3
  This course introduces students to the fundamental elements of effective project management. It provides students with the opportunity to apply these elements using exercises and examples based on real-time projects. The required tools and techniques used to plan, measure and control projects, and the methods used to organize and manage projects are discussed.
Course: RCH520 Title: Quantitative Analysis Credits: 3
  This Quantitative Analysis course addresses managerial decision analysis using quantitative tools. Topics include a general framework for decision analysis, decision tables and trees, forecasting, inventory control, linear programming, transportation and assignment, networks, project time management, waiting lines (queuing), and simulation. After the course, the student will be able to use a broad array of powerful analytical tools to make business decisions.
Course: PRJ695 Title: Project Management Capstone Credits: 3
  This course is the capstone for the Certificate in Project Management program and Master of Business Project Management program. Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of material explored during their program.

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